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Don't just count on grain-filled dog food for your pet… it does not contain the nutrients and Essential Fatty Acids carnivores need. Yes, we said "carnivores," because that is what your pets are...they ARE NOT vegetarians. In order to achieve optimum or even average health, they need Essential Needs Food Supplement. Use in conjunction with our Essential Needs Skin Therapy to help ease skin problems.

Essential Needs Skin Therapy has been formulated to give your pets the relief they need from dry flaky skin, hot spots, allergic reactions and other skin irritations. Essential Needs Food Supplement helps maintain the health of dogs, cats, ferrets, or any carnivore. Our products are all natural, so there are NO harmful side effects. Instead, our products have side "benefits." Try our products on your pet, and see the results for yourself!

Here is the secret to our success and our customers' gratefulness and satisfaction!

Our secret is our commitment to purity, 100% all natural and made in the USA, regardless of the cost. We absolutely refuse to use any chemicals, colorants, fillers or dangerous preservatives.

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We started using Pet Skin Doctor two weeks ago and we have already seen an improvement with our Bulldog, Miles.
He was having some skin issues and his back was full of hairless patches. We can already see the hair starting to grow back and his coat looks awesome!

Dierdre Jack Keller, TX

Essential Needs Skin Therapy, 4 oz.
Suggested Retail: $19.95
YOUR PRICE: $14.95
Essential Needs Food Supplement, 4 oz.
Suggested Retail: $12.95